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A Truly Wonderful Christian Flag


Dear Christian,

thank you for sending me the Web link to the Christian Flag. I found it quite thought-provoking. So I was thinking about it, and feel that you already have one. All the symbolism you need is readily available.

Imagine a city surrounded by tall, strong walls. It stands on a high, forested plateau overlooking the plain. There is a low hill outside the city wall, far from the abodes of the elite. Here’s where the Roman occupation government puts its enemies to death. Romans call it Calvary; the native Jews call it Golgotha, The Place of the Skull. To be near it is an assault on the senses. The air is full of the stink of death and blood-soaked earth, full of cries of pain and weeping. Here, you can see them, the most wretched on Earth. People forced to pass that way cannot bear to see their suffering, and look away1. None wants to stay and experience the end of the course of merely human justice. And this end is the bitterest that human ingenuity can make it.

A man hangs on one of these crosses, just another criminal like the ones crucified to his left and right. His name is Jesus, a Jewish teacher from Nazareth, in Galilee. He is innocent of any crime. But he is not just innocent — he is the Christ, the Lamb of God, willing to give his blessed life to save a world so sinful and depraved as to think up a punishment like crucifixion. Through Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection, God turned hopelessness to hope; fear to confidence, and utter loss to stunning victory. It isn’t a worldly symbol — it isn’t even an object. Those who hate it will never be able to capture, cut down or defile it. Those who hate you for its sake cannot shame or defile you, for you have filled yourself with it. Out of this image, this faith, arises the living water Jesus promised: the spiritual water that brings eternal life. And from you too, now, it rises as a fountain2. Its source is Christ, and him crucified.

Here is your flag, Christian — always hold it fast to you. It’s not a proper flag, as such things are judged. See, it has only the color of Jesus’ blood, shed for you. But I assure you, dear Christian, that this color don’t run.

Your brother in Christ,
Paul A.

1. Isaiah 53:3

2. John 4:13-14