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“Life Is So Short” by Bernice Offei

Photo of Bernice Offei, well-known Ghana gospel singer

Bernice Offei

The song “Life Is So Short” comes from “Life”, the latest album by Bernice Offei, a gospel musician in Ghana. I heard it yesterday, fell in love with it, looked it up on the web, Facebook-friended the artist and now, here I am blogging about it. While it’s not a traditional hymn, I like it enough to make it the first song covered on this blog. Even though it states the obvious, it still bears repeating. We will all die, one day. This is the peculiar blind spot of the entire race. We act as if we would live forever — wasting our precious life’s time on all kinds of perishable things.

The beat of the song is supplied by the sound of the ticking clock, the gentle dancing background supplied by a combo of guitar, bass, and trumpet, and its most important phrase: “remember your Creator while you have breath ” originates in Ecclesiastes 12:1. What makes it most memorable for me is the artist’s voice — high and clear as well as friendly, teaching the lesson that always bears repeating. I hope you, too will enjoy it.

Life Is so Short
(you can listen to it on youtube:

It was but yesterday you were a baby,
But so soon you’re growing, too,
And before you know it you’ve become a lady ,
Or a man with children, too.

Then your health and strength begin to fail you,
And you say “Now, what shall I do?”,
Because the days and years you may have wasted
May be memories haunting you.

So you see, my brother, that life is so short.
It passes so quickly and soon it’s gone.
You just have one life to live on earth,
So remember your Creator while you have breath
(Repeat once)

You part with a loved one and say “See you tomorrow!”.
Tomorrow comes, but he may be gone.
They tell you your friend has left you in sorrow,
And your world comes crashing down.

Life is just like a little flower:
Today it’s here tomorrow it’s gone.
So don’t just chase after riches and power,
‘Cause they’ll fail you when time is gone.

Musical Break

Refrain (x2)

(Sung while refrain plays quietly in background)
Life is short
Life is real short
You only have one life to live on earth;
Before you know it it’s come and gone.
So make the most of it while you can
and remember your Creator while you have breath.

— Bernice Offei