Monthly Archives: August 2010

On a Bus Somewhere

Bus driver asks Where you wanna go? and you tell him
you offer him your money but he says
Sorry, you’ll have to find a different bus
to go where you want to go.

You’re ready to enjoy the bright neon life downtown
but there is something about this bus
so nice that you try to convince the driver
to take you downtown anyway.

Driver says Sorry, pal,
but I got a schedule to keep
and a route I follow
out of this crummy town to where the grass still grows
and fat sheep don’t do nothing but grow wool
and the only thing shady
is a spot under a tree.

Sounds nice you say
It’s practically paradise says the driver
If you want you can get on my bus —
I can fix your ticket

you coming with me
or you getting on the Downtown Express
just pulled up over there?
But we don’t got all day to talk about it.

Sounds nice you said
but you can feel the nightlife
beating like the pulse in your veins
and the Downtown driver is waiting for you
honking and waving for you to come

Thanks anyway you say,
but before you trot off to the Downtown Express
He catches your eye one more time and says

When you wanna go my way —
well, you know where to find my stop.
See you around, kiddo

Driver sighs and closes the door as you turn away
He watches as you dash over to the Express,
then drives off

You do not see
the single tear on His cheek
shining like the stars