“Green Palms & Blossoms” is the blog for my explorations into the areas of faith and religion, songs, hymns, & celebrations, from my peculiar perspective.

I was raised a staunchly lapsed Roman Catholic. My parents sent me to church and religious instruction, but we had at best a chilly, formal relationship with the church.

After I had my confirmation, dissatisfied with the place I found myself in, I weighed anchor and raised my sail into the winds of faith. As “the wind blows where it listeth”, so I went wherever those winds took me. I sailed eastward, past the realms of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Zen Buddhism, always observing the shores of each area. I sailed westward again, where I found myself in the countries of Evangelicals, of Quakers, of Christian Scientists, of Atheists and Humanists, and of the Baha’is, which claims all these territories as God’s own, and their own.

Eventually, weary of having no spiritual home and of all competing claims to spiritual correctness, I took the advice of a friend, and tentatively dropped anchor at the United Methodist Church down the road. I am still wandering its back roads, and they feel like home.


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