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A Cosmic Mission

Only the unexpected can bring good fortune, but it must come up against much of the expected and disperse it.
Elias Canetti

I follow the blog of the young Scottish woman, a college student who wants to make her eventual living by singing in the opera. She’s made a wonderful start of it, and she performs everywhere she can. She seems to have all the pieces in play – performing, teaching, and publicizing herself. She posts a lot of photos of herself standing in front of or performing in various musical venues all over Western Europe, and many links of her performing. She also writes interesting articles about opera and how to sing. Generally, she posts very regularly – every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon. Talk about someone who can not only sing, but writes well and at length, and illustrates with plenty of photos, maps and diagrams, and even the occasional music link. But if I have stayed away too long, and have let her posts pile up, there is so much information that I can’t read all of it. I skim a lot of it. Sometimes the huge number of her postings just irritate me.

One thing I worry about, when I have time to worry about it, is how people who read it receive this thing that I write. Will they like it? Will they be offended? Shouldn’t I go back and revise it over and over, so that no one could be offended or dislike it? This is why my posts have never been prolific. I usually take a lot longer to come up with an idea and a lot longer to execute it. I like to have a picture, footnotes, links, music, you name it. But it’s a different thing when I set myself a deadline every day. Under this deadline, I don’t have time to worry overmuch about it. Maybe people will like it, maybe they won’t, but there it is. But at least it is there.

Yesterday, I read this opinion on the web about blogging, that it’s for morons who think everyone is interested in what they have to say. That’s pretty harsh, but the person posting it was probably nothing more than a troll. However, it does raise the question of why I even have a blog. I don’t think absolutely everyone would possibly be interested in everything I have to say, but I’m not writing for them – I’m writing for myself. But then why do I have to make it available for other people to read? The idea that I am the only reader of what I write – it’s boring. I lose interest in writing for myself alone. I wonder why I’m even bothering to put my thoughts in order, or make an argument in favor of something or against something else. I already agree. But all these things are knocking around inside of my head, banging against each other and sometimes creating an unexpected spark. That’s my favorite thing to do, to share any surprising, unexpected connections.

It is a well-worn joke I keep making to my family and people I know, that I have a cosmic mission, self chosen. I find it very rewarding, and this blog fits right in. If I happen to know something and I find out that you have a need to know this thing – how to learn something you need to learn or get done something you need to get done,, I am honor-bound to share what I know. My mission is the same mission as the old “Whole Earth Catalog” – Access to Tools.Wh-earth-69-cover